About me

Tiina Pyykkö, Graphic Designer

After finishing graphic studies (Bachelor of Media 2013) I have done layouts, illustrated, manipulated images, animated and sent huge amount of material to printing houses. Meanwhile I have become a professional in graphic work both visually and technically.

I have been lucky enough to work with experienced graphic designers and demanding visual guidelines, and learned precision and unwritten rules of visuality. For me, being a professional in graphic field means the combination of creativity, diligence and technical skills, and as the time goes by, increasing knowledge of what looks good in the end user’s eye. It’s that workflow is certain and dexterous – and as I recall, I never once have missed the deadline.

I have worked with Tiina in the field of marketing planning since 2018.

It’s nice to work with Tiina and communication is effortless. She welcomes always happily even the most challenging graphic design assignments. She is inventive and makes her own suggestions troughout the project, and holds on to agreed deadlines.

Ida Vairema, Planner of Marketing Communications, Tulus Oy

I have worked with Tiina for couple of years. Cooperation has been fluent and reliable. Especially her creativity has made an impact on me.

Reijo Tallgren, Kylläonnistuu Oy

Tiina is immensely professional and has great sense of style. She has brilliant sense of color and rhythm, and a unique, immediately charming style. She is one of the best. Big recommendation.

Karoliina Blackburn, Actor

It is rewarding to generate ideas with Tiina and collaboration is fluent. Tiina knows how to listen to customer’s wishes and presents also her own suggestions. As a skillful illustrator Tiina brings life to any subject with her playful style, inside the orders frame and always on time.

Petra Niemi, Communications Specialist, Tulus Oy

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